Complete Solution for Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)

'Be the Change' Student Books

10 handbooks for ages 3 to 13 (Nursery to Grade 8), containing activity-based SDG worksheets that are easy to integrate with any school curriculum.

Workshops and Manuals for Educators

Capacity building workshops for educators to help them embed sustainability in their lessons.

10 handbooks for educators providing detailed lesson plans, additional resources, active student response strategies, video links and many tools and templates for an effective teaching-learning experience

Digital Solutions

Web portal (powered by EDURIGO) takes learning to a new dimension; it can be used as a standalone tool for fun-based learning of SDGs or as a digital aid in combination with SDG Hanbooks.

Project-based Learning

Projects for students to put learning into practice, thereby empowering students to be changemakersr>


Be the Change Student Books

Solutions for students comprise Student Books for Grades nursery-8 where the SDGs are introduced to students in a graded manner. These books can be easily integrated in the school curriculum and do not require separate subject slot. Subject integrations and worksheet format allow seamless assimilation of the SDGs into the school calendar. Moreover, they impart 21st century skills, happiness, value education, social-emotional learning, and make the students responsible global citizens.


Author: ANAHITA LEE is a teacher and a trainer with over twenty-five years of experience in English Language Teaching. She has authored the Mulberry English series, GK 360 and Little Artists (published by Oxford University Press India).

Our uniquely designed books for students are:

Workshops & Manuals for Educators

The workshops empower educators to inform, engage and inspire students to work towards the Global Goals and to use the material effectively in their respective classrooms. Signposts of the SDG workshop:

  • Why are Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) crucial to learning 
  • What resources are needed to integrate the SDGs in learning across subjects
  • How schools can be a part of the Largest Lesson in the World
  • How to make your school SDG compliant

Teacher Manuals provide:

  • Learning outcomes aligned with NEP 2020
  • Detailed lesson plans
  • Suggested starter and extension activities
  • Online resources
  • Classroom strategies
Mobile Edurigo

Digital Solutions

Online portal (powered by EDURIGO) contains enhanced learning material, videos and activities for children. The LMS allows teachers to monitor the progress of every child in their class. Key features:

  • Quizzes for students which can be designed and assigned by teachers
  • Reading material and videos
  • Interactivities like drag and drop, fill in the blanks, match the following etc. to make learning fun
  • Analytics on student performance

Project-based Learning

We help schools run sustainability projects to put learning into practice by:

  • conducting workshops for teacher mentors to organize and manage the projects.
  • creating a choice board for students to campaign, implement & innovate for the SDGs.
  • structuring the projects with clear objectives and milestones.
  • providing a rubric for evaluation.
  • helping students implement their work at the community level.
  • connecting good projects with potential industry partners.
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