Children are natural mathematicians. From a very young age, they start identifying what is ‘bigger’, asking for ‘more’  of their favourite things, and recognizing what is ‘same’ and ‘different’.
It is important to nurture this innate mathematical ability, which begins during infancy and undergoes extensive development over the first five years. Research shows that proficiency in early maths skills is the most accurate predictor of academic success in later life, more than even reading skills and attention span. However, many early maths books focus on counting by rote learning, which doesn’t develop maths skills in children. It is important to develop mathematical ability in a systematic and correct way.
ARCedtech brings you 100 Days of Happy Maths – ealy maths learning for preschool students, based on well researched international pedagogy. The course comprises 100 worksheets to build 5 core skills of early maths education:
1. Number sense
2. Patterns
3. Shapes and Space
4. Measurement
5. Data Analysis
100 Days of Happy Maths is aligned with NEP 2020 and provides holistic learning by integrating the UN SDGs, STEAM, SEL and experiential learning. The activity sheets are engaging and foster reasoning, logical thinking, problem solving and critical thinking skills. The activity sheets are designed for self-learning, so they can easily be used for home learning. 

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