• All schools (educating students between primary grades and 12th grade) from any nation are eligible to apply
  • These awards are for the institution and NOT for any individual
  • Projects and activities completed within the last 2 years (from Jan 2020 - till date)

Fees : There is NO fees at any stage of the awards


Round 1 : Online Application

View the application form with all questions here:


Submit an online questionnaire to assess the schools on:

  1. Education for sustainable development
  2. Sustainable practices followed in the institution
  3. Social impact through community work
  4. Innovation for sustainability


Submit the application at the following link:

Round 2 : Validation & Documentation

Shortlisted schools will be asked to submit the evidence of learning and documentation supporting the application
Schools will be required to submit the details in a specified format which will be shared with the shortlisted schools at the right time

Round 3 : Interview

Shortlisted schools will be invited for an online interview with an interview panel comprising renowned educationists

Awards Ceremony

  • More than 50 awards
  • Awards will be given in the following categories:
    SDG Superhero
    ESD Champion
    Socially Responsible
    School Eco-friendly School
    Innovation for Sustainability
  • Top 4 winners of each of the above mentioned categories will make a presentation at the venue in front of the esteemed jury for final results
  • There will be many more awards for schools at the state level, international level etc.
  • Winners will be invited to attend the awards ceremony at Rajkumari Ratnavati Girl’s School in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India on 19th and 20th November 2022
  • If an award winner is not able to attend the event in person, they will have the option to attend it online


  • Winners will receive trophies and certificates by ARC and Earth Day Network
  • Top winners will receive attractive cash prizes


  • Deadline for ROUND 1: 15th July 2022
  • ROUND 2 invitations by 30th July 2022
  • Deadline for ROUND 2: 30th Aug 2022
  • ROUND 3 invitations by 15th Sep 2022
  • Final results by 15th Oct 2022