About the Awards

ARC (a pioneer in Education for Sustainable Development), SDGChoupal & Earth Day Network are pleased to announce the launch of Global Sustainability Awards for schools. These awards are open to K12 institutions across the world, providing the schools a platform to showcase their efforts towards a sustainable future.

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were drawn up by the United Nations in 2015 and adopted by its 193 member countries to work towards three aims: end poverty, bridge inequality and take action for climate change. The goals are interlinked and they are a call for us to take action to help solve the most serious challenges we face today. Go to the link to know more:

All schools (educating students between primary grades and 12th grade), which believe in the spirit of the UN SDGs, are eligible to apply for these Awards. There are several categories of Awards to recognize and applaud the efforts by institutions for a sustainable future. There is NO APPLICATION FEE (or any other hidden charges at this stage or any later stage) for these Awards.


These Awards will applaud efforts by schools to foster the culture of sustainability among children and showcase the best practices from schools around the globe.


No effort is too small, especially when it is for a good cause. So, apply now and inspire others! 

Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)

Education For Sustainable Development (Esd) Empowers The Learners With Knowledge, Skills, Attitudes And Values To Address The Challenges The World Is Facing Today, Be It Climate Change, Loss Of Biodiversity, Gender Discrimination Or Poverty. Education Alone Cannot Achieve A Sustainable Future, However, Education Is That First Step That Leads To The Goal Of Sustainability. Arcedtech Is Committed To Promoting The Integration Of The Principles Of Sustainable Development In All Aspects Of Education And Learning. Global Sustainability Awards Is One Such Step Towards Recognizing And Rewarding Educational Institutes Which Are Integrating The Values Of Esd In Their Classrooms.

Our Purpose

Arc Offers Teaching–learning Solutions Towards Making Education Meaningful And Transformative. Global Sustainability Awards Strengthen Our Mission Of Making Every Child On This Planet A Global Responsible Citizen. Taking Forward The Values Upheld By Unesco, This Initiative Seeks To Make Esd An Integral Part Of The Education System. Arcedtech’s Other Significant Efforts Towards Integrating Esd In School Curriculum Include Sdg Student Handbooks For Grades 1–8, Teacher Handbooks And Workshops, Sdg Labs, And Digital Solutions For Students And Teachers. The Awards Will Validate Efforts By Institutions In Making The World A Better Place.

The major awards categories are as follows:


SDG Superhero

Overall winner on all parameters related to sustainability


ESD Champion

Leader in Education for Sustainable Development


Eco Friendly School

Frontrunner in sustainable practices


Socially Responsible School

Exemplary community work


Innovation for Sustainability

Unique idea for sustainability

Besides these, there are many other awards to be won based on regional and functional excellence!


All schools, whether they have embarked on a journey towards sustainability or are yet to do so, may share their original ideas about making this world a better place. If you have an idea in the field of sustainability, enter this category.

Best Sustainable Idea

Special Category

If you would like to do a telephonic call for Round 1, please click here.

Selection Process


Round 1

K12 schools from around the world can apply by filling an online application. There is no application fee. The applications will be evaluated by ARC, its partner organizations and volunteers on three parameters:


Round 2

The shortlisted schools will be asked to submit evidence of learning and documents supporting their applications. In addition, they will submit an essay on why they are a strong contender for this prize in any of the categories.


Round 3

Shortlisted finalists will be virtually interviewed by the jury.


  • Award application opens
    15 July ‘21
  • Last date to complete the award application
    30 Sep ’21
  • Announcement of shortlisted schools for Round 2
    20 Oct ’21
  • Last date for Round 2 document submission
    05 Nov ’21
  • Announcement of shortlisted schools for Round 3
    20 Nov ’21
  • Round 3 interviews
    20 Nov - 5 Dec ’21
  • Award ceremony
    10 Dec ’21

Calling All Visionary Schools

The recognition is not restricted to the schools who have already made great strides in sustainability, but it also seeks to support the spirit and the initiatives of schools at an early stage of their sustainability journey.


We are welcoming schools from all around the globe so that we all learn the best practices for sustainability from each other. This will allow the participants to showcase their efforts towards a sustainable future on a global platform.


Sustainability Awards Nomination 2021

Inviting applications from institutions that embody the spirit of sustainability and integrate the values of the 17 UN SDGs within their curriculum and activities.

If your institution’s efforts have been consistent and have led to creating a difference among students, teachers and other communities, we believe you deserve to gain recognition for your initiatives that spell innovation, integrity and impact. The application has 4 sections:


Best Sustainable Idea

Inviting institutions that are in their initial stage of becoming a sustainable entity, while providing them the unique opportunity to present their ideas and propose creative solutions that can be incorporated within their school.

Your inventiveness can’t be put in a box. Thus, this shall serve as a platform for your ideas, and provide encouragement to your approach

Jury Members

Frequently asked questions(FAQ)

Any educational institution, from anywhere around the world, following a K12 education system is welcome to apply for any of the given award categories. The schools will not only contend globally but will be recognised in their local region as well.

A school can apply for both: Global Sustainability Awards and Best Sustainable Idea. However, within one category, a school can only submit one entry.

There is NO APPLICATION FEE involved for any of the categories. These awards are completely free of any charges. There are no charges at the application stage or any other stage of the awards. If you win, then also you won’t have to pay any fees or hidden charges. We encourage schools with diverse financial capabilities to apply.

The schools will be intimated about the result of their application on their email. The results will also be published on the website. Refer to the timeline given above to know about the important dates that you need to look out for.

No, the institution does not have to be an ARCedtech partner school in order to apply. All schools will go under the same shortlisting process.

Jury members will be selected in collaboration with partner organizations. These members will be eminent personalities working towards making this world a better place. The final list of judges will be available on the website soon.

  1. Participants will have a platform to showcase their efforts towards a sustainable future
  2. Participant schools will learn from best practices in sustainability from around the globe.
  3. Schools will be encouraged to work more diligently towards ESD
  1. A trophy/shield and a certificate from ARCedtech
  2. Free subscription for Be the Change books for one grade for one year
  3. Free workshop for teachers of the entire school on implementing SDGs in their curriculum
  4. Special features on the school in our newsletter and in our social media campaigns
  • Gold: 100 books
  • Silver: 75 books
  • Bronze, Pewter, Regional, Others: 50 books
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