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Why SDGs & Climate Education?

Why should we teach children about SDGs?

How can ARC help your school in its sustainability journey?

Why is CLIMATE EDUCATION so important?

What is the best way to integrate SDGs in schools?

What is ARC? It’s purpose? And the need to integrate SDGs

Most important features of Be the Change books.

Benefits of SDG education for schools, teachers & students

Is it important to teach SDGs in all grades?

What if your teachers are teaching SDGs their own way?

Importance of Be the Change books: By a student in QATAR

Sustainability is the NEW COOL!

Tip 1: The AC trick

Tip 2: Repeat your outfit

Tip 3: Eat local fruits & veggies

Tip 4: Carry your own bag

Tip 5: Using leather is not cool

Tip 6: Use thrift clothes

Tip 7: Upcycling is cool

Tip 8: Wearing sport shoes is cool

Tip 9: Talk about mental health

Tip 10: Buy local

Tip 11: Don’t waste food

Tip 12: Please recycle your waste

Tip 13: Carry your own cutlery

Tip 14: Use a cup while brushing

Programs & Workshops by ARC

GREEN ACTION certification program for SCHOOLS

GREEN PATH for STUDENTS to become Green Warriors

HAPPINESS workshop for teachers & corporates

Celebrate SUSTINABILITY WEEK in your school/office

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