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ARC has joined hands with Flip app (powered by Microsoft) to create an exciting campaign called "I am the Change" on the Flip app

You are required to create and submit a 30-second video on any of the 17 SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)

The campaign invites students (from all grades and any part of the world) to share their ideas and stories about how they are making a positive change in the world

By participating in this campaign, students will have the opportunity to showcase their creativity and innovation, while also inspiring others to take action



To participate in the campaign, you are required to create your video with Flip – a creative platform by Microsoft to engage with videos.
To create your video, go through the following steps:
  • Create an account on Microsoft Flip-
  • Join “I am the change” group by the join code (iamthechange) or by using this link (
  • Select a topic (the primary SDG which your video addresses) corresponding to your grade level. Your video can address many SDGs at the same time but you will have to choose one primary SDG for your video
  • To give an example, you can say you are supporting SDG 15 Life on Land by putting up a bird feeder in your balcony/terrace and inspiring others in your society to do the same. Watch this video for reference – (on Flip app) or (on youtube)
  • Your video MUST end with you saying “I am the Change”. Your video will be disqualified if you don’t end it with saying “I am the Change
  • Select the add response option and record your video. Feel free to utilize the amazing features of Flip while creating your video
  • Once you have created the video, copy the link to your video and fill out the submission form.


Your video will be disqualified if the below mentioned criteria are not met.

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