ARC is an educational social impact startup providing print and digital teaching-learning solutions for integrating the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Climate Education & Global Citizenship in school curriculum. Our solutions include:

Student books on SDGs, Climate Education & Global Citizenship for grades nursery to 8

Workshops for teachers to help them integrate Climate Education & Education for Sustainable Development in their classrooms

Projects and activities for students outside of classroom to take learning to the next level

Sustainable products

Games based on sustainability

Social Entrepreneurship course (video based) of grades 6 to 9

Sustainability Experience Center and programs like Destination Portugal to explore sustainability beyond the school environment

These tools develop 21st century skills like critical thinking and problem solving skills in students, and make them globally responsible citizens.

These tools develop 21st century skills like critical thinking and problem solving skills in students, and make them globally responsible citizens.


Be the Change Student Handbooks

10 Handbooks for Pre-primary to Grade 8 (age 3 to 13)
Integrating SDGs in school curriculum

Be the Change +

Digital Companion For Students & Educators

Mobile Edurigo

Be the Change app & web portal, powered by EDURIGO, takes learning to a new dimension. It can be used as a standalone tool for fun-based learning or as a digital aid in combination with student handbooks. Some of the key features of this digital companion are:
1. Grade-wise, goal-wise modules
2. Video-based learning
3. Assessment quizzes

Workshops & Programmes

Sustainability Workshop

  • An introduction to the Sustainable Development Goals
  • Joining the ‘Largest Lesson in the World’
  • Designing activities through which the youth can engage with the goals within their communities

Happy Teachers, Happy Classrooms

  • Are we really Happy?
  • Do we know what we need to make us happy?
  • Techniques to build the right habits
  • This engaging and interactive workshop explores your idea of happiness

Elements of Art Integration

To be able to integrate art in learning, it is important to know the Elements of Art. This workshop introduces educators to the Elements of Art: Line, Colour, Value, Shape, Form, Space and Texture. The workshop also shares ideas on ways to integrate art across subjects to make learning deeper and more joyful.

Paper Engineering & Pop-up Books

Paper engineering is the perfect meeting place for education pedagogy: it has the components of STEAM learning, it is a perfect medium for cross curricular learning as well as learning across subjects, it integrates art, it fosters a love of books. Above all it is joyful learning for children to see how a plain sheet of paper can transform into a mini-engineering marvel.

Sustainable Products

Bamboo Toothbrush

Use ARC’s toothbrushes, made from bamboo. They come with fiber bristles and natural antibacterial properties.

Recycled Paper Pen

Make a conscious choice and switch to ARC’s eco-friendly pens, made from waste cardboard.

Recycled Paper Pencil

Switch to ARC’s eco-friendly pencils made from 100% recycled newspaper and save a million trees.

Recycled Paper Notebook

Scribble away worry-free, knowing that you’ve made a sustainable choice. Choose ARC’s eco-friendly notebooks.

Bamboo Comb

Use ARC’s sustainable comb, made from bamboo. It comes with an easy detangling design, giving a comfortable massage experience.

Our Team

Ritu has over two decades of experience in education and publishing. She has been associated with institutions and organizations such as Heritage Xperiential Learning School Gurugram, Step By Step School Noida and Oxford University Press.


Anit has over two decades of international business experience in over six countries with brand names like Coca-Cola, FedEx, Essel Group and HCL Technologies, during which he has driven long-term business growth for the companies and their clients.


Andréa Pereira is a Brazilian coach, mentor, advisor, entrepreneur, speaker and consultant. After spending over 30 years in the corporate world she is now fully dedicated to her purpose: social impact and human development. Together with her daughter Anna (a sustainability student) and Tiago, 2 years ago she co-founded GiveBack Sustainability Made Easy.


Tiago Silveira Machado is the co-founder Give Back, Sustainability made easy. Graduated in International Affairs, he has dedicated his professional career to communication and media. First as a Journalist and later as a marketeer. Throughout his life, he has always been interested in sustainability and environment issues.


Ruchir is a seasoned business leader with 18 years of extensive experience at the dynamic intersection of Healthcare and Technology. In his previous role, he led the Healthcare business in India for a world-leading Hygiene, Cleaning, and Infection Prevention MNC. It was during this time that Ruchir developed a strong interest for sustainability-related issues, leading him to join ARC as a Strategic Advisor.


With 28 years of dynamic career experience in the Sales industry, Rajnish has spearheaded many executive & senior management level positions in the publishing/education sector like Associate Director Sales at Oxford University Press & many other internationally known companies like Person Education India and Pearl India.


Has more than 20 years of experience in the field of Developing, Brand Management, Merchandising & Fashion Lifestyle in both national and international markets. Actively involved with start-ups as an advisory board member.
Has a deep understanding of the dynamic business world, is regarded as a

subject matter expert & thought leader in People Strategy.

Executive Advisor

* Proud to support Delhi Government with content creation for Deshbhakti curriculum

* Proud to announce our partnership with SDG Publishers Compact

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